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Private Lawyer service

The Private lawyer service encompasses comprehensive legal assistance and advice for individuals, covering their professional and personal matters. A Client is assigned a dedicated lawyer to handle all his/her life affairs as a whole. This makes Clients feel sure that their situation and legal needs are well known and monitored.

This offer is, among others, targeted at persons with high assets capitalization, for whom legal advice and assistance are elements of a broadly understood service. We advise and assist in the relocation of personal assets in Poland and abroad, including also relocation with the use of trans-border structures. In many cases Client-tailored care is indispensable because personal matters often intertwine with issues such as the holding of shares in companies or issues relating to finance and taxation. Entrusting all these matters to one, experienced lawyer is a very convenient solution. What is more, it is also reasonable and effective. The lawyer has knowledge on various aspects of the Client’s life, which means that no or very limited amount of sensitive information is known by third parties. This comprehensive service has another advantage as well – the lawyer sees the Client’s affairs as a whole from a perspective, which makes searching for the best legal solutions easier. What matters most in the private lawyer service is the mutual trust and confidence. Dedicated lawyers guarantee Clients legal safety, work out the relevant confidentiality strategies and represent them in contentious matters. SRDK’s dedicated lawyers are top-tier professionals with vast knowledge and experience, empathy and good analytical skills.

SRDK’s strengths in the area of the private lawyer service:
  • dedicated lawyers available 24/7,
  • possibility of co-operating with one trusted and experienced lawyer handling the Client’s affairs as a whole,
  • in-depth knowledge of the collaborative lawyer on how the property of an individual or his/her family can be effectively managed and optimized,
  • day-to-day monitoring of the Client’s legal situation and analysis of changes in the law, legal support for publicly known persons whose image is made available or used; managing the reputation of the person represented, representing Clients in all kinds of contentious cases from personal matters (such as management of family property, succession, divorce, pre- and post-nuptial agreements), through professional (employment, manager contracts, copyright), criminal, business and financial ones (advice on issues such as shareholdings in companies, taxes, real estate and family foundations).