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Inheritance law

SRDK offers assistance in inheritance matters. Our lawyers provide extensive legal service across all aspects of an inheritance case – from obtaining the certificate of inheritance through inheritance security, inventory and partition. The partition of inheritance is often combined with the separation of property between spouses, and our experienced lawyers provide assistance and advice on these matters as well.

Inheritance cases must be prepared very thoroughly. The required documentation must be made. We have the relevant know-how and skills to provide top quality service in this field and help resolve legal issues that arise in connection with the death of a close person. Our lawyers participate in off-court procedures connected with the acquisition of inheritance (for instance visual inspections of real estate carried out by expert surveyors and taking of inventory by a bailiff). In inheritance cases where legitime is sought we advise and represent Clients before courts (we draft statements of claim and all letters in litigation). We offer in-breadth service covering each aspect of an inheritance case.