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Labour law

Instead of a desired success, entrepreneurs who employ personnel contrary to labour law regulations might face a spectacular business fiasco. SRDK offers an in-breadth service across all labour law aspects to rationally protect the interests of employees and employers.

From the basic documentation (such as the employment contract, manager contracts, business secret clause or no competition clause) through mediation with labour organizations and litigation – SRDK has extensive expertise in representing employees and employers. We make every effort to ensure that fundamental labour law regulations governing issues such as working norms and systems, working time and working time patterns, annual leave, collective agreements, rights and obligations of employees and employers are respected. We mediate inside of organizations and protect the interests of both parties to the labour relationship in the case of accidents at work or in cases where insurance claims are sought. We advise employees and employers on how to avoid problems in the working environment and – should any such problems occur - help them chose a compromise solution. In cases where, despite mediation attempts, it is not possible to avoid going to court, we draft the required letters in litigation, determining all circumstances under which an employment contract was concluded and carried out. We help parties in litigation reach an agreement as to how an employment contract was amended. We also represent Clients in discrimination and mobbing matters, cases where payment of remuneration is sought or cases relating to employee’s liability for order in the workplace.

SRDK’s strengths in the area of labour law: 
  • drafting agreements, contracts, confidentiality/non-competition clauses, by-laws, memoranda of understanding, notices of termination, etc.,
  • representing Clients in contentious matters before courts,
  • monitoring amendments to labour law regulations governing the employee-employer relationship and regulations applicable to the Client’s business sector,
  • updating issues relating to OFE, qualifications within the working environment or business trips, and adjusting them to the changing requirements,
  • representing employers in negotiations and disputes with trade unions,
  • formalizing severance pays, retirement pensions, prizes, penalties, admonitions and salary reductions from the legal point of view,
  • preparing statements of claim in the case of an unjustified or ineffective termination of employment and in cases where an employee seeks reinstatement to work; day-to-day service in the area of human resources management for local entrepreneurs and international firms.