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Intellectual Property

In today’s economy intellectual property can be valued much higher than all manufacturing plants and sales centres taken together. From the business point of view, entrepreneurs can always decide to manufacture their products elsewhere. But, beyond all doubt, they cannot afford to lose their brand. SRDK protects and enforces Clients’ claims under copyright, rights in trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights included in the entrepreneur’s portfolio.

Within the scope of our IP practice we protect Clients’ interests and seek claims at the business level (patents, brand protection, logo, names) and copyright level (infringement upon the rights of authors of literary, architectonic, scientific, IT, advertising, phonographic or audio-visual works, etc.). When protecting Clients’ interests in the area of copyright, inventions, designs and models, we ensure that investment in innovations give entrepreneurs market positions that really result from the uniqueness of the discoveries they have patented. We build cultural values protection strategies for media and entertainment firms and manage the image of enterprises on the market. We also check whether trademarks and service marks included in an entrepreneur’s portfolio are used according to the law. We protect intellectual work performed by private persons from sectors such as creative industries, film, TV, photography, graphics, software, music or literature. We advise on copyright transfer transactions, prepare agreements for the transfer of economic copyright and assist Clients in the area of personal interests and image protection.

SRDK’s strengths in the area of Intellectual Property:
  • strong track record in patent law and copyright disputes,
  • prudent advice on author-related and financial aspects of IP rights,
  • drafting and opining agreements for the transfer to copyright and rights under licences,
  • legal assistance related to the protection of trademarks, service marks, industrial designs, utility models and patents (under Polish and EU laws),
  • patenting, securing and providing legal protection against the reproduction of trademarks and service marks covered by the entrepreneur’s portfolio,
  • determining data protection mechanisms,
  • carrying out transactions in which IP rights are disposed of, assigned or encumbered,
  • representing Clients in court and off-court copyright or IP disputes, including disputes related to the image of a person or business entity.