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Family law

Our team advises on all aspects of family law. We offer in-depth and in breadth assistance in divorce cases and help Clients work out the best solutions in disputes over children. Divorce cases are tried by provincial courts and cover the whole variety of issues such as liability for the breakdown of marriage, place of permanent residence for children, contacts with children and maintenance.

Our lawyers give advice, draft statements of claim, reply to statements of claim made by the Clients’ opponents and prepare all other letters required in litigation. But, in the first place, they are present during each court sitting, offering clients professional knowledge and experience to ensure that the procedure is carried out effectively and the Client’s stress is minimized. Our lawyers also handle cases tried by district courts. These concern mainly vital issues relating to juveniles such as the frequency of contacts with children, parental authority, maintenance, consent for the issue of a passport of identity card in cases where parents have not been married, are divorced or do not intend to divorce. Affiliation issues and all consequential claims are vital aspects of these cases as well.

Important issues are also the division of spouses’ property, establishing uneven shares in the marital property, if any, and settlement of outlays made by spouses.